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Wingra Parking deck is a total precast parking structure that was created in conjunction with the Wingra Medical Clinic. The parking structure is attached to the clinic via a skywalk, and has 3 levels of parking with enough spaces for 300 vehicles.

One of the main challenges for this structure was designing it to fit within a confined space, while maximizing the amount of parking spaces. In addition to the unique design, the entrance and exit access locations were non-negotiable and created an additional design requirement. Despite the site challenges, Spancrete and the design team were involved early and designed an owner’s dream structure.

Choosing Spancrete precast building solutions allowed for long open spaces, reduced column and beams and custom architectural finishes to create a uniformed look to the attached medical clinic. A thin brick inlay and acid etch finish was designed. In addition, precast products allowed for the flexibility necessary to meet the challenges of the landscape of this project. Precast solutions also lead to minimal site disturbance for not only the parking structure site, but the attached medical clinic as well, resulting in an accelerated timeline to reduce disruption and allow occupancy that much sooner.

Spancrete Parking Structures Brochure

Spancrete Architectural Brochure


  • Thin brick in-lay finish
  • Skywalk to connect parking structure and clinic
  • Maximization of space allowed to achieve optimal amount of parking spaces


General Contractor: Gihidorzi Construction Company


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