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Highland Manor Community Shelter and Safe Room

Madison, WI

Keeping communities safe is what led the City of Madison to building the Highland Manor Community Safe Room. The destruction of homes and concern for its citizens and community are just two of many reasons why the City of Madison wanted to build a storm shelter for its mobile home residents at Highland Manor.

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Lunda Community Center

Black River Falls, WI

The Lunda Community Center is more than just a community center. This 113,000 square foot facility is a place for all ages to come together and enjoy fitness, laughter, friendships and create lasting memories. The Community Center houses the School District Field House, Senior Center and the Boys and Girls Club, benefiting all aspects of the community.

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Gerabox Express

Mukwonago, WI

Precast products allow for no two facilities to be the same, products can be designed, constructed and installed based on the client’s individual needs to allow for complete design flexibility in today’s industrial and commercial marketplace.

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Precast Products


Spancrete Hollowcore is still an effective and efficient floor and roof building solution as it was when our first plank was cast over 70 years ago.

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Double Tees

Double Tees are primarily used for applications that require long, clear spans, such as parking structures, schools and warehouses

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Wall Panels

Energy efficient, versatile and fast make the Spancrete Architectural and Structural Wall Panel systems ideal for today's market needs and come in a wide variety of design options.

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Spancrete Transportation provide the support, durability and strength our roads and bridges demands.

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For more than 70 years, Spancrete has been perfecting and refining the hollowcore precast production processes, writing industry standards and innovating product.

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