Single Family Home

Single Family Home Single Family Home

Building a better home.

When building a dream home, you want it all. A beautiful home that is spacious, efficient, secure and quiet.

Precast building components offer benefits in the home building space not offered by other materials.

  • Easy and quick installation: Spancrete precast lends itself to short construction schedules. Because components are prefabricated, they can be delivered as-needed – meaning minimal site traffic and neighborhood disturbance. The basement walls and first floor can be completed in only 8 hours.
  • Energy efficient: Spancrete precast solutions provide high thermal efficiency, reducing heating and cooling costs, and ensuring excellent sound absorption properties, creating a quiet interior environment.
  • Structural integrity: Spancrete precast products are the most versatile and durable on the market. Because precast requires minimal shoring, additional, livable square footage is created.
  • Reduced life cycle cost: Spancrete precast is a low-maintenance building solution that resists weather, fire, corrosion, pests and blast to stand the test of time.


Considering precast as a building solution for your next home? Learn how the Mill Street project maximized efficiencies.

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Using Spancrete precast in the home is the ultimate in efficiency, customization and durability. The natural insulation properties of precast can create up to 50% greater energy efficiency than a traditional home. In addition to creating wider open spaces, precast’s smooth, uniform top surface means minimal preparation is needed for carpet, wood and other flooring surfaces – meaning less time spent building and more time enjoying your dream home.

Additionally, Spancrete precast is a durable solution for freestanding balconies, decks and patios, which can be customized with tile, brick or stone, to expand and enhance an outdoor living space. RePlenish pervious concrete used for patios and walkways creates additional drainage to help prevent flooding and direct water flow to restore water supplies.