Single Family Home

Single Family Home Single Family Home

Adding Strength, Security and Space.

As house footprints get smaller, it’s important to maximize space wherever possible. Using Spancrete precast in place of a traditional poured concrete for a garage or boathouse can do just that. Because precast requires minimal shoring, homeowners get the benefit of additional square footage below the structure. Making room for extra storage, a guest apartment, indoor pool or spa, safe room, gym or home office.

Using Spancrete precast in the home is the ultimate in customization, efficiency and durability. Precast’s smooth, uniform top surface makes Spancrete planks ideal for radiant heating and require minimal preparation for carpet, wood and other flooring surfaces - making it incredibly energy efficient. It is also completely soundproof and safe with excellent fire, pest, corrosion and weather resistance.

When it comes to configuration and installation, there is nothing easier. Spancrete precast is custom engineered to fit your design and delivered for year-round installation.

Additionally, Spancrete precast is ideal for creating beautiful freestanding balconies, decks and patios, which can be customized with tile, brick or stone, to expand and enhance an outdoor living space.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy efficient
  • Year-round construction
  • Protection from Mother Nature
  • Pest and mold resistance
  • Customized to enhance your outdoor living space
  • Create large, open living spaces
  • Environmentally friendly, pervious concrete solutions