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"The reason we chose Spancrete was because we have the ability to work through all of the detailing issues prior to being out in the field. We also appreciate Spancrete’s willingness to work through the design process to come up with the best solution."
- Felipe Ornelas of Engberg Anderson Architects

At Spancrete, we put great value on our partnerships and take pride in customers returning to us after a project. The RiverHealth Community in Appleton, Wis., is a great example of a successful partnership evolving. In 2013 we worked on the first building in their complex, and are excited for our new work together, Willow, opening in summer 2020. This six-story building, consisting of apartments, office and retail space, is a precast podium structure.

On this project, we were involved with Willow from the very start. Our design team worked with the general contractor, C.D. Smith Construction, and Core 4 and Engberg Anderson to determine the best solutions. Spancrete precast was a natural fit as our building materials are pre-fabricated offsite and delivered as needed. Additionally, because of our nearby location, we were able to also accommodate easy access to downtown Appleton.

For the precast podium structure, Spancrete supplied more than 78,000 square feet of hollowcore plank and 4,400 lineal feet of beams and columns. In areas where floor height was incredibly tight, we worked with DELTABEAM to complement our hollowcore. The marriage of our building components resulted in a structure that will require minimal maintenance as it will resist weather, fire, corrosion and pests.

The RiverHealth Community also prides itself on offering residents a green lifestyle. A nearby hydro-electric plant will supply units with clean energy, and because the structure is made from precast components, efficiency will be maximized. Precast offers high absorption properties that result in reduced heating and cooling costs. That absorption extends to sound too – providing a quieter interior for happy tenants!

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