Education Education

Building brighter futures.

From K-12 schools to universities, tech schools and other higher-learning institutions, Spancrete is at the head of its class when it comes to school design and constructing teaching facilities, sports complexes, classrooms, dormitories, gymnasiums and swimming pools, auditoriums and other education-related structures.

With our ability for year-round construction and fast-track building methods, Spancrete ensures projects are completed on time and within budget so classes, sporting events and other programs can continue as scheduled.

A Safe, Positive Environment

Spancrete has the highest reputation for structural quality and integrity in campus construction. The academic experience is enhanced for students and faculty through excellent noise containment, more efficient heating and cooling, and vital protection in the instance of fire or severe weather. In fact, Spancrete precast structures can serve as community gathering places in the event of a hurricane, tornado or other severe storm. What’s more, our structures are also exceptionally resistant to pests and are not significantly impacted by elements such as humidity, corrosive materials and direct impact.

Attract More Students, Spectators & Supporters

When it comes to creating large, open spaces for arenas, auditoriums and lecture halls, Spancrete offers unmatched flexibility and innovative construction solutions. Load-bearing panels leave interior spaces open for unobstructed views that are perfect for watching presentations, performances and athletic events. Plus, Spancrete can construct stadium seating to ensure maximum capacity for the space available. Spancrete can also easily install add-on panels to the structure and quickly reconfigured interiors when it’s time to expand a facility. The finished look is even customizable to meet your needs and match other structures around campus.