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As the bells rang to welcome students to the 2019 school year at Ashland High School in Ashland, Wisc., students poured in to what felt like an entirely new building - though it was really just a well-planned expansion. While construction was carried out throughout the previous school year, students and faculty were not prepared for the astonishing updates and expansion taking place. Off-site, in quality controlled environment, manufacturing of our precast components allowed for winter erection and schedule flexibility.

Located in far northern Wisconsin, Ashland students do not have the luxury of year round outdoor sports. With temperatures reaching far below zero and heavy snowfall for much of the year, a large indoor fieldhouse was vital. A field house’s purpose is to allow multi-use recreational activities to be carried out while still functioning as a community center for those observing and utilizing at other times.  The Spancrete solution is a beautiful and open fieldhouse with exquisitely strong walls to endure winds, cold temperatures and any other climatic weather Mother Nature throws its way.

Spancrete surpasses the wants and needs for education administrators by providing superior precast building solutions. Not only will this beautiful facility stand the test the time, but students and faculty are granted a quiet environment for learning, and an overall more functional facility. Spancrete is proud to be leading the way in precast excellence for many decades now, and is committed to building beautiful education facilities to enhance and develop the learning, growing and succeeding of students of our surrounding communities.

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