Long, Clear Spans and Reliable, Stable Performance.

Spancrete Double Tees are used for applications that require long, clear spans and extreme durability and strength, such as parking structures, swimming pools, gymnasiums, commercial, and industrial building walls and roofs. Double Tees are plant-fabricated, which provides excellent quality control and speeds the construction process. Spans up to 100' can be designed.

Our Double Tees exceed fire codes and require virtually no maintenance. Manufactured to the highest level of quality, delivered and erected exactly when needed, Spancrete Double Tees are the perfect fit for your next project.


The Precast Double Tee is right at home anywhere large open spaces are required. With its heavy load resistance and incredible span length, our Double Tees are in high demand. Commonly used for large structures like parking garages, gymnasiums and indoor pool areas, it also is the perfect fit for smaller applications like pedestrian bridges.


Spancrete Double Tees require minimal maintenance, are resistant to weather extremes, and offer up to a 4 hour resistance to fire. Manufactured to our highest standards and delivered and erected by our trained and experienced crews, Spancrete Double Tees add value, flexibility and strength to your building project.