Transportation Transportation

Accelerating Transportation Projects Today and Tomorrow.

It’s no secret that roads and bridges in the Midwest and Southeast endure harsh weather conditions throughout the year. Spancrete Transportation solutions provide the support, durability and strength our transportation system demands. And in the United States, more than half the bridges have been constructed using precast, prestressed concrete.

Working alongside Spancrete design and construction specialists, DOT and construction crews can build and repair faster than ever before. Spancrete takes great pride in our ability to closely partner with general contractors and state organizations to ensure success. Our bridge girders can span lengths of up to 175 feet and are designed to stand up to the environment and heavy traffic while reducing construction costs and project schedules.

Why use Spancrete for your next project?

  • Accelerated Construction - Precast concrete is one of the fastest building systems available, essentially unaffected by bad weather, helping meet tight schedules. It is also manufactured offsite minimizing project site disturbance, while maximizing quality.
  • Long Service life - Precast concrete is a very durable material that can provide a service life of 100 years. Precast is manufactured in a controlled environment with a high-degree of quality control and low water-cementitious ratios. This results in high compressive strength concrete with low permeability and provides for long-term durability.
  • Multi-hazard Protection – Precast inherently provides protection from natural and man-made disasters. Precast does not combust and provides passive fire protection, as well resistance to earthquakes, storms, and external explosions.
  • Structural Versatility – Precast concrete is a structural system that can span along distances and vary in shapes as needed per project requirements.


Spancrete transportation products are manufactured to the highest quality standards in a controlled plant environment off-site; but our involvement doesn't stop there. Count on our experienced team to engineer, construct and deliver to ensure your project stays on time and on budget. Our meticulous planning, world-class production capabilities and passion for a job well done means your plan will go from the drawing table to completion faster than ever before. Ease in installation, all weather construction, long spans and extreme durability make Spancrete the ideal choice for your next project.