Spancrete Recognized for Company Culture

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Spancrete Recognized for Company Culture

The Good Jobs™, an employment branding solution, announced it has certified Spancrete as a “Good Jobs Company.” The group praised Spancrete for seven key attributes: Fun, Extreme Perks, Corporate Responsibility, Flextime, GreenDNA, Inclusion, and Career Development. Spancrete is the world leader in precast, prestressed concrete building solutions.

The Good Jobs helps employers become more transparent with their unique company culture story. This creates both more awareness and differentiation in today’s competitive talent market. A team from Spancrete participated in a culture workshop with The Good Jobs to identify how it invests in its employees and communities.

“The partnership we developed with The Good Jobs and the knowledge gained has helped us develop greater awareness and understanding of our culture’s effect upon employee retention and recruitment,” said Spancrete President and COO Alan Antoniewicz. “I look forward to exploring additional ways to communicate and enhance our culture using The Good Jobs foundation.”

Spancrete has proudly displayed their Culture Badges on its Company Culture Page and Career Page to engage talent and share their cultural attributes that make them a unique organization to work for.

“The Good Jobs provides companies with a simple way to quantify and communicate their culture to talent,” said Anne Nimke, Co-Founder and CEO of The Good Jobs. According to the organization, highlighting employee programs, perks and amenities gives employers a competitive advantage in attracting top talent and retaining current employees.

“Culture is often not revealed to job seekers until the day their new job begins. We believe this is too late in the process,” Nimke says. “We want good companies like Spancrete to put their best foot forward in revealing their culture and values to top talent.”

Spancrete will use The Good Jobs tools to communicate their unique culture on their career site, job postings, social media, and other recruitment and employee communication channels.