Wisconsin Energy Corporation Training Center

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Wisconsin Energy Corporation Training Center

Located in Ashwaubenon, Wis., the newly renovated 32,000 square foot Wisconsin Energy Corporation Training Center will serve as the regional training facility for Wisconsin Public Service employees in areas including Green Bay, the Fox Valley and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Wisconsin Energy Corporation Training Center, which is the first of its kind in Northern Wisconsin, will encompass specialized spaces such as electrical and gas training, and customized classrooms. This maximized building space provides more dynamic training simulations for employees, giving them a safe environment to work in.

The owners of the facility needed the remodel to be extremely durable and stable for all of the tasks and activities employees will execute daily.

With the use of 62 Spancrete wall panels spanning over 18,320 square feet of space, not only does the Wisconsin Energy Corporation Training Center have a beautiful exterior finish but it also provides energy efficient thermal insulation. Because of the integrated insulation within the precast walls, energy and construction costs are reduced. Sound transmission reduction and a fire resistant structure are additional benefits. Guaranteed to withstand any weather condition, Spancrete wall panels provide durability and a low maintenance life span.

With the use of precast, this facility provides the utmost safety for those using it as well as a wide open space for an immense amount of activities to be carried out. With an expectation of an average of 1,400 employees utilizing this space yearly, the Wisconsin Energy Corporation Training Center provides a spacious, safe, beautiful environment for anyone no matter the season.

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