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Spancrete was a proud building partner of the Camp Randall Stadium Renovation. The $109.5 million four-year renovation was completed in time for the opening of the 2005 Badger football season. With precast construction taking place for just 10 months of the renovation, Spancrete kept the project on schedule and on budget.

The new renovation made room for an additional four thousand fans, bringing the seating capacity up to 80,321. To avoid those long lines on game day, women’s restroom fixtures increased from 212 to 463, and men's increased from 445 to 499. In addition, accessible seating improved from 99 seats to 292 so the Badgers are better prepared to accommodate every fan.

Camp Randall Stadium is not only an entertainment complex, it is a tradition. Originally built in 1917, its current capacity ranks among the nation’s largest school-owned stadiums. With fans passing through the doors in greater numbers than ever, it is important to have a partner that looks to the future needs of the stadium. Spancrete is just that kind of partner. Precast concrete not only brings innovation in design to Camp Randall, it also reduces maintenance costs while providing the highest safety standards. The long lifespan of precast ensures that Camp Randall remains a safe and inviting destination for decades to come. 


  • Reduces maintenance costs while providing the highest safety standards
  • Increased seating
  • Quick timeline


General Contractor: Joint Venture –
J.P. Cullen/C.D. Smith

Venture Architects
Hellmuth Obata Kassabaum


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