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The University Row Apartments is a precast podium building solution. The apartment complex includes underground parking and an elevated interior courtyard. The complex consists of 118 units on four floors. In addition, there are over 375 underground parking stalls spread across three levels. The interior courtyard contains a green roof over the parking structure, concealing and adding to the aesthetic of an already inviting complex.

The challenge of this project was the geometric makeup of the land and space allocated for this project. This building was designed in a nontraditional shape, due to land restrictions, which can lead to some challenges throughout the process when not involving a precaster early. However with communication, collaboration and Spancrete’s preconstruction services, a beautiful and functional structure was created.

This complex is located in the heart of Madison where parking is a challenge. Since it was such a tight development footprint, three levels of underground parking was the ideal solution. It also allowed the parking structure to be concealed from the overall visual design. By utilizing the parking below the apartments, more above grade square footage was available for the apartments as well as common space for the residents. Spancrete helped develop a building solution that achieved the owner’s vision, created an ideal living environment for residents and accelerated the construction schedule and owner’s return on their investment.

Spancrete Parking Brochure

Spancrete Multi-Family Residential


  • Underground concealed parking
  • Podium with interior courtyard


General Contractor: Krupp General Contractors

Architect: Potter Lawson



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