Transportation and Infrastructure

Transportation and Infrastructure Transportation & Infrastructure

Reduced traffic & environmental impact.

Spancrete precast products are the optimal choice for repairing or building safe, long-lasting roads, precast bridges and noise barrier walls. Not only are they a durable solution, but using precast can reduce construction expenses and schedules.

Bridge and road rehabilitation and installation projects cause traffic disruption and safety concerns, while complete closures can adversely affect a local economy and add undue stress to residents. By working alongside Spancrete engineers, construction crews can build or repair faster than ever before.

We take great pride in our ability to closely partner with general contractors and state organizations to ensure success. Our precast concrete bridge solutions can be assembled onsite, providing engineers and their crews with the precise answer for challenging projects.

Spancrete precast products also offer a structurally sound, safe and cost effective solution that won’t require constant maintenance and observation. As the industry leading experts on precast concrete, we know our products will stand up to constantly shifting environmental conditions and heavy traffic.