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"Using Spancrete allowed for the data center to be erected quickly and with the highest quality while achieving schedule and budget objectives. They were fast, efficient and professional. Spancrete did a great job on this project."
- John Walters, Jones Lang LaSalle representative

When a large airline provider was looking to construct a new central data center and consolidate their current global operations management capabilities, they hired real estate development manager Jones Lang LaSalle to start planning a structure built for strength and reliability. On behalf of their client, Jones Lang LaSalle hired national general contractor Mortenson Construction and Texas-based architectural firm PageSoutherlandPage to plan and execute the project. Both groups knew they needed one company to supply the construction material for such an important structure: Spancrete.

Spancrete was chosen for this project because of their reputation for design-build engineering expertise, high quality products, quick erection schedules and long-term reliability. The data center was designed for superb structural stability and the capability to resist earthquake and EF4 tornado loading, features which Spancrete precast is known for.

The project was composed of three separate structures: a generator building, the data hall and an administration complex. The generator and data hall buildings were on a short time table and needed to be completed by Thanksgiving 2012 to house equipment being shipped in on that day. Spancrete installed quality precast components quickly and efficiently, completing the construction of these two facilities on schedule and ensuring the infrastructure installation contractors could begin their work as soon as the equipment was brought in.

Spancrete manufactured all the precast components required for this structure including Spancrete Insulated Wall Panels with multiple architectural finishes, Double Tees, Hollowcore, and Precast Beams and Columns.

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  • Superb structural stability - EF4 tornado loading and earthquake resistant
  • Spancrete precast sections used in the project were designed and built with continuous Unistrut® support frames on the bottom of the double tee stems to support mechanical, electrical, fire protection, security and communications systems. These built-in frames allowed for quick installation of the building’s infrastructure and helped keep the construction schedule in place.
  • Two of the three buildings included in this project had to be constructed on a condensed erection schedule. Both were completed on schedule ensuring the infrastructure installation contractors could begin their work as soon as the equipment was brought in.
  • The structure is designed for future expansion.


Architect: PageSoutherlandPage
Engineer: Walter P. Moore
General Contractor: Mortenson Construction


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