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The Three Bears project is unique in many regards but the most interesting aspect is the precast wall panels with simulated log and field stone finish.

Staying true to the look and feel of Jellystone Park, the indoor water park was designed featuring a woodsy interior facade. Due to the water park's wetness and high-humidity, real wood wasn't even considered as an option and instead precast concrete was looked to as the superior alternative.

Partnering with Miron Construction, Spancrete designed and manufactured precast wall panels using custom-made rubber form liners to match actual logs and field stone at the existing site.

With about 20 variations of log-finish liners, the wall panels were ready for production. The exterior width of each wall panel was four inches thick, followed by three inches of quality insulation and ending with eight inches of concrete.

In addition to precast wall panels, Spancrete also supplied hollowcore floor and roof plank for the project. While concrete was chosen because of its ability to withstand the water park's excessive levels of humidity, precast concrete was used for its speed of construction, low maintenance and outstanding aesthetics.

Using precast concrete enabled the project to stay on track in all types of weather at a cost that resulted in considerable savings over other methods. In addition, Spancrete was able to provide a finished product that only required staining to achieve a similar appearance to existing condo's and villas.

As a benefit to the owners of the condos and villas, the use of Spancrete precast concrete also reduced construction-related noise and associated disruptions. Because wall panels are cast off-site, the brought to the site and hoisted into place, much of the construction-related noise was eliminated. In addition, the on-site crew size was reduced, which also attributed to reduced noise levels.

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  • Three Bears Lodge and Indoor Water park encompasses a 4-level, 60,000-square-foot hotel with 93 guest rooms, and a 50,000-square-foot indoor water park. The facility also includes a 158-stall parking structure, a 30,000-square-foot lobby, and conference center.


General Contractor: Miron Construction Co.

Architect: Cities Edge Architectural Group

Engineer of Record: Ramaker & Associates, Inc.



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