Terrace 459 at Parkside of Old Town

Chicago, IL Multi-Family Residential

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  • AIA Chicago 2016 Design Excellence Award Winner
  • PCI 2016 Design Award Winner for All Precast Concrete Construction
  • PCI 2016 Design Award Winner for Best Multi-Family Building
  • The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award for Architectural Excellence in Community Design 3rd Place

Terrace 459 is located in the heart of the Near North side of Chicago. This is a Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) affordable housing development. It’s the latest project in the Cabrini-Green area’s revitalization; the development adds more than a hundred rental units within two buildings. Terrace 459 provides dramatic downtown and city views with reasonable rates for 1 and 2 bedroom units. This mixed income development represents the renaissance of a well-known Chicago neighborhood and is a testament to the vision and voice of residents and community partners who never gave in and never gave up on what this could be.

Spancrete worked in partnership with Linn Mathes Inc., Holsten Real Estate Development & Management Corporation, C.E Anderson and Associates, and Landon Bone Baker Architects to create this unique total precast development. Spancrete developed a one of a kind total precast building solution. The project started in December and continued erection throughout the wet spring months of 2015. Speed of construction, erecting throughout the winter months, energy efficiency and sound reduction were key decision makers for utilizing precast for this project.

The speed and versatility of construction played a major role in the building of this facility. One of the key challenges was building the structure within a busy urban setting with no onsite storage and staging areas during the winter months. Precast building components allowed for each piece to be manufactured off-site and then shipped to the site and immediately erected into place. The accelerated time schedule and the need for winter erection provided an ideal opportunity for precast to demonstrate its versatility. Once the precast was in place in early spring, other constructions trades were then able to enter the structure and complete projects sooner.

Building with Spancrete building solutions also allowed this facility to be durable, thermally efficient, reduce noise and require minimal maintenance. The occupants find value in the safety provide by residing in a total precast structure. Both occupants and developers valued the low maintenance and structural integrity this total precast building components provide.

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  • Project challenges included building the structure within a busy urban setting with no onsite storage or staging areas during the winter months
  • Precast allowed Spancrete to build quickly and efficiently allowing other construction trades to enter the structure and complete projects sooner.


General Contractor: Linn Mathes Inc.

Engineer: C.E. Anderson and Associates

Architect: LANDON BONE BAKER Architects




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