Soldier Field

Chicago, IL Parking

Soldier Field

The Waldron parking structure, one of Soldier Field's parking structures, is a two-level oval structure. The 231,000 square foot stadium parking structure can hold up to 2,000 cars.

When fans are entering the parking lot to watch their team play football, the last thing they want to do is stress out about parking. Spancrete saves you from any of that stress by providing parking structures with long, clear, open spans that have fewer columns throughout. Because of this, the visibility for everyone is much better as well as a more efficient traffic flow. Alongside of that, not only does the parking structure feel safer - it is safer. Spancrete's number one concern is making sure that everyone who will be entering and exiting the structure are safe, so by having features such as long, clean spans, and open space, your safety is always accounted for.

Soldier Field


  • Structure can hold up to 2,000 cars
  • Finished with a gray concrete smooth "as cast" finish

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General Contractor: TBMK Joint Venture

(Turner/Barton Malow/Kenny Construction)

Architect: Lohan Associates & Zapata, Inc. (LW+Z Venture)

Engineer of Record: Thornton-Tomasetti, Inc.

Precaster: Spancrete


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