Multi-Family Residential

Multi-Family Residential Multi-Family Residential

Housing for the future, today.

Spancrete offers unmatched flexibility for the design of multifamily construction. Whether it is apartment construction, assisted living facilities, hotels and motels or single-family homes, precast solutions from Spancrete provide innovative solutions that deliver design flexibility, energy efficiency, durability and cost effectiveness that appeal to owners, managers and residents.

Benefits of building with precast include:

  • Aesthetic Versatility: Allows a variety of architectural finishes to meet unique design requirements
  • Energy Efficiency: Thermal performance of Spancrete insulated wall panels results in a reduction in heating and cooling costs
  • Accelerated Construction: All-weather construction allows the structure to erect quickly; providing an environment for other trades to start sooner resulting in an accelerated timeline and a faster ROI
  • Structural Versatility: Open floor plans and versatile floor layouts create the most efficient use of spaces for today and tomorrow
  • Reduced Life Cycle Costs: Low maintenance and the durability of precast allows the structure to stand the test of time; the average building life span is over 100 years
  • Noise Reductions: Quiet environments and excellent sound absorption compared to other building materials
  • Safety: Fire and pest resistant, along with protection from harsh weather conditions, precast stairwells also ensure a safe exit for guests in the event of a fire or other emergency