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The Dundee Township Park District held the grand opening of their Randall Oaks Recreation Center in West Dundee, IL ahead of schedule. Ground was broken for this 53,000 sq. ft. community recreation center in May of 2011. In August of 2012 – one month earlier than expected - the building was ready for the residents of Dundee Township.

Architects and engineers were challenged because a portion of the recreation center is built into the side of a hill. While the pressures caused by soil pushing against the side of the building would have been too great for most construction materials to handle, Spancrete precast products are specifically designed to meet these types of unique challenges.

When modifications were made to the plan because the initial interior masonry shear wall proved insufficient, it was Spancrete to the rescue. Engineers replaced the masonry shear wall with a Spancrete precast shear wall, allowing for a much higher structural capacity. This change in plans did not hinder the budget or the construction schedule. Randall Oaks Community Center was completed ahead of schedule and under budget.

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  • When engineers found the initial masonry shear wall was not equipped to handle the stress caused by the earth soil pressure, it was replaced with a Spancrete precast shear wall, allowing for a much higher structural capacity.
  • Despite the changes to the shear wall, The Randall Oaks Recreation Center was still completed under budget.
  • The 53,000 sq. ft. community recreation center features a double gymnasium, fitness center, elevated track, child care facility and many other amenities that serve residents of West Dundee, IL.

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General Contractor: Dundee Township Park District

Architect: Dewberry Architects, Inc.

Engineer of Record: Dewberry Architects, Inc.



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