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In the heart of Milwaukee, WI, Pritzlaff Parking Structure stands tall and proud occupying nearly 300 spaces, and a multi-usable roof top level to accommodate for event space. With the application of precast building solutions, all 5-stories of the Pritzlaff Parking Structure has maximized safety, security, durability and a new sense of belonging to the city. From the beginning, the benefits of cost and speed of construction allowed Spancrete precast building components to over-shadow any other building solution. Spanning from one side to the other, the open-concept feel of this parking deck not only feels safer for those using it – but it is safer. The ability to create long open spans allowed for avoidance of underground gas and electrical lines, which would have evolved to become an issue with other building solutions. 

Keeping Milwaukee’s heritage and unique character in mind, our team was able to develop a precast architectural facade to compliment a well-known nickname of Milwaukee that dates to the 19th century – Cream City, the brick that built Milwaukee. This nickname was originated because of the creamy yellow bricks throughout the cities monuments and buildings that still stand proud to this day. Unique to the Pritzlaff Structure – the original building was developed with the cream-colored bricks. It was vital to the owner, Sunset Investors, we assure the updated structure will appreciate the past but accommodate for the needs and modernization of today. Through trial and error, our team was able to create a finish that would complement the structure, yet still appreciate the past. 

The Pritzlaff Parking Structure encompasses just shy of 119,000 square feet and 604 lineal feet of precast building components, double tees consume almost 89,000 square feet of this total. Within just 20 days, our team was able to successfully transport and erect this extensive amount of precast to the jobsite. Top to bottom, side to side – Spancrete precast was installed to be the main support system of this parking deck.

The integration of both the structural and architectural elements of Spancrete precast assisted in bringing the city a safe place for guests to park, while keeping in mind the historic preservation of the structure. With the application of wall panels, beams, columns and spandrels, our team executed a successful and effective construction method. One of “Cream City’s” well known landmarks will continue to hold its legacy and provide safety and strength for each person utilizing it. The Pritzlaff Parking Structure is the perfect combination of historic appreciation and 21st century needs, and our team was proud to be a part in paving the way to its success.

Spancrete Parking Structure Brochure

Spancrete Wall Panel Brochure


  • Project timeline was just 20 days
  • Developed a safe structure for guests to park while keeping its historic preservation in mind


General Contractor: Sunset Investors

Architect: Sunset Investors

Engineer: Spire Engineering


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