Park Terrace Row Houses

Milwaukee, WI Multi-Family Residential

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Park Terrace Row Houses

A complex of twenty-one modern urban loft dwellings. The Milwaukee Department of City Development (DCD) and Vetter Denk Architecture have earned the 2004 Excellence on the Waterfront Honor Award for their work redeveloping the industrial riverfront property into an innovative mix of housing, recreation and public space. Milwaukee has an optimistic and energetic feel to it that has really been exemplified over the past years with recent, modern developments of buildings and architecture. These homes are a perfect fit for this location due to its modern feel, and intricate design.

Spancrete Wall Panels were used throughout the building to ensure a durable, and long lasting life while having a unique beauty to them. Because this product is available in a variety of designs specified to meet each building requirement, we guaranty that any building built with Spancrete Wall Panels is sure to stand out from the rest.

Along with our Wall Panels, Spancrete Hollowcore also was a product used in the Park Terrace Row Houses. Due to it being formed off site, our crew was able to deliver and erect it right as they arrived to the job-site. The practicality and efficiency of this product allows for you to stay in budget, as well as have a minimal up-keep.

Park Terrace Row Houses

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General Contractor: Altius Building Company

Architect: Vetter Denk Architects, Inc.

Engineer of Record: Pierce Engineers

Precaster: Spancrete


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