Milwaukee Marriott West

Pewaukee, WI Commercial Industrial

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Located just a short walking distance from Spancrete Head Quarters, The Milwaukee Marriott West is a luxurious 281-room building. This full-service hotel accommodates 14,000 square feet of conference and meeting space. Spancrete's prestressed precast building solutions allow for minimal maintenance and can withstand environmental shifts and conditions. On average, each building is predicted to have a life-span of over 100 years. Alongside of that, this hotel now provides a much more quiet and safe structure for their guests. Compared to other building materials, the sound absorption is much higher.

Due to all of Spancrete products being formed off-site, the installation process was a breeze. Not only did we require zero on-site storage space, but were able to install the products in a much quicker time-frame. For our customers, this is important because that means instead of a 4-6 month time-frame, Spancrete can successfully complete it in about 4-6 weeks, which allows the business to start generating revenue sooner.

Milwaukee Marriott West


  • Full-service hotel
  • Open floor plan and versatile floor layout


General Contractor: Columbia Properties

Architect: FRCH Design Worldwide

Engineer of Record: FRCH Design Worldwide

Precaster: Spancrete


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