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To build a total precast addition to the Milwaukee Catholic Home in Milwaukee, Wis., several things were essential for project success, including maximizing  square footage and simplifying access for both the residents, family members, and employees.  Precast design solutions were introduced in the initial design and planning stages; speed of construction, architectural finishes and design expertise were the key benefits for the project. 

For over 100 years, Milwaukee Catholic Home has been delivering care services for older adults, Spancrete was honored and vital in providing solution that would guarantee durability, safety, and efficiency for those utilizing those services. Completed in 2020, this addition included a six-story precast stair, elevator and lobby area, a one-story commons area and an office space . The addition allowed for simplified and safe access for residents, as well as enhanced open spaces to congregate and gather – assuring the new complex blends seamlessly with the existing.

In just a few short weeks, nearly 140 pieces of precast were prefabricated offsite and erected, ensuring both design, budget and schedule commitments were met. Chris Rozof with Berghammer Construction stated, “Wells (Spancrete)  was an obvious choice, the team was able to provide the necessary visual quality and the structural expertise to bring the project together.”

From preconstruction to delivery and installation, managing job site challenges was vital. A compact and urban job site, city construction rules and regulations, and dealing with  fully occupied adjacent structure created obstacles that were safely and efficiently navigated. Precast requires no onsite storage and minimal erection/crane staging space. With precast panels reaching 65,000 pounds, coordinating, and executing a seamless delivery to minimize traffic and community disruption was vital (I don’t like the word vital)

Through enhanced and transparent communication and coordination with all project partners, a safe, strong, efficient, and beautiful addition to Milwaukee Catholic Home was delivered. Generations will  continue to live life to the fullest at Milwaukee Catholic Home.



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