Kettle Foods Facility

Kettle Foods Facility

Beloit, WI Commercial Industrial

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At first glance, precast concrete walls, wind turbines and native prairie grasses don't have much in common, but for premium potato chip manufacturer Kettle Foods, these components helped earn the company LEED Gold level certification from the U.S. Green Building Council for the sustainable design of its new factory in Beloit, WI. Completed in fall 2007, the building used over 38,000 square feet of insulated load-bearing precast wall panels with an exposed aggregate finish. The finished walls provide an inside surface that is easy to clean and sanitize which is critical for a food plant, and because the shear walls are also structural, the total amount of steel used for the project was minimal. Two components crucial to the LEED certification process were recycling construction waste and using regional materials. Spancrete's close proximity to the Beloit factory site resulted in reduced transportation costs, thereby qualifying for credits for using local materials. In addition, Spancrete recycled the cut outs for the windows and doors, contributing to 57 tons of recycled aggregate construction material.


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