John R. Moses Skilled Nursing Facility

King, WI Government

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"Spancrete was a great partner in planning deliveries."
- David Barrow, Senior Project Manager - Miron Construction

John R. Moses, a World War II veteran, was instrumental in creating a dedicated facility for fellow veterans to call home in King, Wis. The new addition, expected to open in late 2021, of the John R. Moses Skilled Nursing Facility at the Wisconsin Veterans Home will provide ample space as well as the latest technology and care available. 

Spancrete was a proud partner in producing and delivering more than 173,000 square feet of precast building solutions to this 257,000 square foot facility. Precast was selected for this project due to its unique design requirements and demanding construction schedule.

From a design standpoint, the overall shape of the structure was not only unique, but very intricate as there are six spokes extending off of one main hubcenter. Each spoke consists of three- and four-story wings – all requiring custom precast decks. To provide a safe and sound enclosure, the roofing design of each spokes consist of precast hollowcore as well.

A complex design, but nothing our team couldn’t handle. To assure all project members understood every step of the project process, the team created a 3D Revit model. This provided a detailed image of the entire structure, how the precast elements work together as well as the intricate installation process. Before any onsite construction took place, the entire design build team reviewed and collaborated, utilizing the 3D model to prevent any unforeseen surprises to could be encountered in the field.

As David Barrow, Senior Project Manager of Miron Construction stated, “Spancrete was integral in setting the groundwork for schedule success due to the amount of precast in the project.”



  • 3D Revit model was developed to assure transparency of communication and coordination for the design and build process



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