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Building for the future, together.

Taxpayer-funded properties need to be efficient and durable, and building safety is always a top priority. Spancrete delivers buildings that stand the test of time, with minimal maintenance requirements in the future. Spancrete building solutions provide the lowest lifetime operation cost when compared to other building materials. Buildings constructed with precast are fire, weather and blast resistant, energy efficient and have low maintenance, cutting down on upkeep costs and protecting against damage. Saving money in the long run without sacrificing quality is the goal, and Spancrete makes that a reality.

With tight budgets and hundreds of opinions, planning and constructing a new municipal building can be even more stressful than a normal project. Thankfully, not only does Spancrete supply superior materials, but we will also work with your team throughout the entire process. From planning and design to execution to maintenance, we are available to help you reach your goals and complete your project on time and on budget – be it a water treatment plant or justice building.

Municipal buildings often require versatility, and Spancrete design flexibility and innovative products meet your building application needs. Spancrete building solutions are used in police and fire stations, garages, community centers, transit centers, justice buildings and water treatment facilities. Rapid, year-round construction allows for flexibility with your schedule. And with outstanding acoustics, Spancrete building solutions reduce noise, a welcome feature in busy offices and meeting spaces.