First Street Redevelopment

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First Street Redevelopment

The First Street Redevelopment is a five-level/mixed use structure in St. Charles, IL. The first level consists of retail and commercial space. Level two was constructed to be an office space. Levels 3, 4, and 5 consists of parking structures. Each level of parking was designed to have a helical ramp service. With over 105,000 SFT of Double Tees used in the 3 levels of parking structures, they can endure an immense amount of strength, durability, and flexibility. The Spancrete products used in this redevelopment show-cased its unique design, and ultra strength. The finished structure has beautiful yet resistant components that allow it to stand out from other buildings, and will in turn bring more business and attraction to the downtown part of St. Charles.

Due to the intricacy of this project, there were a few challenges that came along. These obstacles consisted of space confinement and integration into an existing redevelopment project. Although the levels of this building called for different Spancrete products, our crews were able to produce everything off-site so there was no need to store anything on the actual job-site.


  • 105,000 SFT of Double Tees
  • 3 floors of parking
  • Major driver for downtown St. Charles retail revitalization


General Contractor: Power Construction
Architect: Knauer Incorporated
Engineer: McCluskey Engineer Corporation
Precaster: Spancrete


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