Fifth Avenue Apartments

Maywood, IL Multi-Family Residential

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"Wells (formerly known as Spancrete) jumped in and took over the project while maintaining the budget, and overall, they were a key player to keep this project moving forward.”"
- Hannah Russel, Project Engineer - McShane Construction

Fifth Avenue Apartments

Located in the west suburbs of Chicago, the new Fifth Avenue Apartments provide a safe place for residents to call home.  The development in Maywood, Ill., provides over 70 homes built with precast building solutions in which maximize safety, durability, structural soundness, and fire and environmental safety.  Vital community retail space can be found at the ground level. A total precast building solution utilized  136,000 square feet of architectural wall panels and hollowcore; whether is inside or outside - precast is visible from all angles.

Precast was the obvious choice for this new development to guarantee adherence to the rapid construction schedule. From foundation to exterior components – precast building solutions were able to get the job done on schedule, and on budget. 

The exterior façade of the structure included a combination of thin brick, brick form liner, acid wash, colored concrete, and stained concrete – allowing for the panels to be prefabricated offsite and delivered complete to the project site eliminating another step in the construction process.. Hannah Russel with McShane Construction stated, “The building was originally intended to be fully brick, but the design team changed it to meet cost and still hold true to the original design intent.” In addition, during construction there were multiple other contributing factors that enhanced cost effectiveness, including prefabrication of the building components. Delivering precast products only as site construction needed allowed other trades to work onsite simultaneously. Precast benefited the overall project, assisting in streamlining a beautiful, sound, and efficient multi-family development. 

With proper communication and coordination, all project partners collaborated to build a safe and resilient multi-family development on budget and on time, providing homes for many for years to come. 



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