Entertainment Complexes

Entertainment Complexes Entertainment Complexes

World-class facilities.

We’ve built some of the most recognizable entertainment complexes in the world:

  • BMO Harris Bradley Center
  • Miller Park
  • UW-Madison Camp Randall
  • Concordia University Parking & Football Stadium
  • Milwaukee School of Engineering Parking & Soccer Stadium
  • UW-Green Bay Kress Center
  • Pettit National Ice Center
  • Wisconsin Arena
  • Menominee Nation Arena

Our clients expect facilities that can be used for more than just their basic purpose. In a world where efficiency is key, ensuring that our stadium construction projects are versatile is one of our top priorities. It’s not unusual to see a Spancrete baseball park hosting a soccer match or one of our basketball arenas being used as a concert venue. Building a structure that integrates all the various needs of the entertainment complex is the focus of our designs.

You will know when you enter a Spancrete sports facility construction. Our innovative, creative designs provide comfortable seating for fans, wide-open spaces and visible dedication to quality and durability – putting us far above our competitors. We understand what it takes to build a facility that creates an unforgettable fan experience with room for fields, stages and courts that are just as tough as the athletes and musicians that play on them. Spancrete maintains the highest safety standards, making our facilities not only fun to go to, but safe to enjoy.

With rapid year-round construction capabilities, no on-site storage of materials and renowned design flexibility, Spancrete continues to lead the way in innovation with the use of precast products in entertainment venue construction.