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Recently opened to the public, an exceptional living experience built with exceptional building components awaits you at the Element at Veridian Apartments in Schaumburg, IL. Built on the former Motorola Campus, this 225-acre lot encompasses an array of multi-use space such as residential, office, hotel, entertainment, dining and retail. The application of precast building solutions provides a complete structural support to The Element at Veridian, as well as a parking facility consisting of 384 spaces for tenants to park their vehicles safely.

Unique to the Element at Veridian, tenants have a simplified accessibility to their vehicles due to the apartment units built directly around the deck creating a parking area with maximized security and minimized enclosure, all while enhancing an open concept feel. Tenants can feel at ease while accessing their vehicles no matter the time of day. A unique feature of having the parking facility built within the complex is that it is unseen to those passing by on the outside, giving the exterior an advanced aesthetic appeal.

50,000 square feet of un-insulated wall panels were installed to provide stability and the structural framework for the Element at Veridian. Surrounding the precast parking deck, wall panels serve as excellent sound transmission properties for all tenants, creating a quiet environment throughout. Due to the fire-rating benefits precast building solutions provides, natural separation between both the parking deck and apartment units was created on behalf of the wall panels.

A notable advantage of the application of precast concrete is the speed of erection, and our team having the ability to install our products at a rapid pace was key in the building decision making process. Spancrete delivered and installed 150,000 square feet and just shy of 400 lineal feet of precast building solutions over the course of four weeks, consisting of Spancrete beams, columns, double tees and wall panels. With the ability for double tees to span from one side to the other, the open-concept feel of this parking deck not only feels safer for those using it – but it is safer. Because this parking deck is built on the top exterior of this complex, it does not encompass a roof. Given the precast advantage of protection from severe weather conditions, The Element at Veridian is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

The integration of durability, safety and strength allows Spancrete to continue leading the way in providing precast parking structures in which excel builders’ expectations. From project collaboration to post installation, our team is dedicated to providing precast excellence, and The Element at Veridian bestows just that.


  • Speed of erection was driving force to utilize precast
  • This development is a part of a 225 acre mixed-use development



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