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One of the largest credit unions in southeastern Wisconsin can be readily recognized by their prairie style influenced branches. It’s no surprise then that when Educator’s Credit Union was considering the design for a location on Milwaukee’s east side, they opted for a unique three-story Khan and Wright inspired building.

The design of the building was greatly influenced by site restrictions. The east side location offered a variety of space constraints and did not provide the ability to stockpile construction materials. In addition, the bulk of construction needed to be completed during the winter months. These challenges made the use of precast products the best-suited and most obvious structural and architectural design materials.

This total precast building was designed to LEED Silver standards. A thin brick architectural finish was applied to wall panels and columns to ensure that the character of the building blended with the neighborhood. Utilizing a sustainable material like precast concrete also helped in Educator’s Credit Union’s desire for green building. Spancrete products were an essential ingredient in the building’s green roof which features a rooftop garden and sitting area.

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Spancrete Wall Panel Brochure


  • Site constraints and a winter construction schedule made precast the perfect fit for this unique three story structure.
  • This LEED design is right at home in its Milwaukee neighborhood. A thin brick finish helps the modern design blend with surrounding buildings.
  • A sitting area is an unexpected feature on the green roof. Employees can enjoy their lunches in a lush, green setting.


Architect: Genesis Architecture

Engineer of Record: Arnold & O'Sheridan

General Contractor: Bukacek Construction


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