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High-quality structures for high-quality business.

Spancrete products do more than create a structure: they help build your vision. Whether you’re constructing a new warehouse or manufacturing facility, or erecting a new corporate office construction or large-scale storefront, Spancrete Brand precast products offer unmatched durability, reliability, versatility and quality. We have experience building:

  • Data centers
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Food manufacturing facilities
  • Corporate office headquarters
  • Warehouses
  • Hospitals
  • Grocery stores
  • Retail centers

Safe, Cost Effective and Faster Construction

For any new commercial or industrial building, the ultimate objective is quality, safety and efficiency. Our precast, prestressed building solutions require less maintenance, withstand the stresses of shifting environmental conditions and can even help lower construction costs, benefits traditional building materials can’t match. We know that the longer it takes to finish a structure, the longer it takes to begin production and bring in new revenue. The speedy installation of Spancrete brand precast products helps reduce commercial construction timetables, meaning you can be up and running faster than expected.

Flexible Designs and Custom Options

With Spancrete precast building solutions, no two facilities are the same. Our precast, prestressed building components can be designed, constructed and installed based on your preferences, which offers the flexibility that today’s industrial and commercial facility designers need to create truly impressive structures. With a wide variety of surface textures and finishes, including ribbed, raked, broomed, sandblasted and exposed aggregate, your new warehouse, manufacturing center or corporate headquarters won’t just show your company’s quality – it’ll attract the attention you deserve.

Focused on Sanitation and Cleanliness

Safety is the top priority in the food manufacturing industry, which is why Spancrete diligently manufactures its precast products to ensure the integrity and quality of the foods we consume. Approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for use in processing and preparing fish, meat, poultry and dairy products, Spancrete precast building systems provide our clients with exceptional sealing, insulation and moisture resistance to create safe, cleanable, efficient freezer/cooler areas and processing spaces.

Creating clean, sanitary food processing areas and storage spaces is essential to keep employees and the public safe and healthy. Because most processing areas are moist, wet environments, traditional construction materials such as wood, metal and paint can rot, rust and corrode. Many conscientious and well-known food companies choose to build with Spancrete precast building systems because there is minimal maintenance and upkeep; they meet government safety regulations; and the panels are resistant to rust, moisture, corrosion and pests.

"We were up against the wall with an evolving design and an aggressive schedule, and Holder appreciates a partner who buckles down and, not only gets the job done, but exceeds expectations."
- Holder Construction Group