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The City of Waukegan parking structure is a five-level, 170,000 square foot, multi-use facility. The parking structure accommodates 680 cars and also contains ample commercial and retail space. The City of Waukegan wanted the structure to be aesthetically pleasing fit for the historic downtown along with meeting it's aggressive construction schedule.

To hit this time frame a Design-Build approach was used. The Design-Build approach allowed the customer to have a single source of contact for all design, cost, construction and development questions, this approach also works well with projects such as this that have an aggressive fast moving timeline.

In addition to the Design-Build approach using Spancrete was the perfect choice, with the quality and ability of Spancrete to meet critical deadlines it help meet all of the projects timeframes and allowed the project to finsih on time and to the comnmunity's satisfaction.

City of Waukegan

Spancrete Parking Structure Brochure

Spancrete Wall Panel Brochure

Spancrete Judicial/Municipal Brochure


  • FIve-level, mixed use parking structure
  • Precast portion erected in 7 weeks
  • Two bay scissor ramp configuration


General Contractor: The Pickus Companies

Architect: Globetrotters Engineering

Engineer of Record: Carl Walker, Inc.


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