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Situated southwest of Chicago and less than five miles from Midway Airport, the Village of Oak Lawn is home to 57,000 residents. In 2005, Oak Lawn completed a massive downtown redevelopment project that included a five-story commuter parking structure, condominiums, retail spaces, Metra train station and a children's museum.

As the project began in April, it was critical that ll aspects of the redevelopment effort progress simultaneously. Although Spancrete was involved only with the new parking structure, the company played an important role in the initial steps of the entire project.

Partnering with Walsh Construction, HKM Architects & Planners, and Walker Parking Consultants, Spancrete began the project by setting the common south wall that separates the parking deck from condominiums. This enabled the two unique buildings to commence construction at the same time, yet separately from one another.

The exterior facade of the parking structure was designed using thin brick precast walls and spandrels. The thin bricks were set into "single use" form-liners prior to casting the panels. The exterior treatment also included recessed arch profiles, with curved soldier courses and used areas of acid-etched concrete, to accent the horizontal bands and base of the building.

In addition to walls and spandrels, the project also included precast beams, columns, vertical ramp walls and 300 double-tees. The stair towers used precast stair riser units and Spancrete hollowcore for lobby floor framing and roofs.

City of Oak Lawn

Spancrete Parking Structure Brochure

Spancrete Wall Panel Brochure


  • The City of Oak Lawn parking structure is a five-level structure that provides over 200,000 square feet of space for as many as 620 cars.


General Contractor: Walsh Construction

Architect: HKM Architects + Planners, Inc.

Engineer of Record: Walker Parking Consultant



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