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Cedarburg Public Works Facility

Beauty and Durability Mixed into One

The Cedarburg Public Works Facility in Cedarburg, Wisc., is home to over 62,000 square feet of breathtaking space and is sure to stand out from any other municipal building. Building to last, building efficiently and building with safety were three essential aspects at the forefront of everything the owner had in mind while constructing this structure. The city of Cedarburg is now able to serve their residents better due to the large storage allowance and ability to accommodate up to 12 city vehicles.

Sustainability, Safety and Strength Makes for a Perfect Precast Trifecta

Above all else, structural stability was necessary throughout the entire construction process. Spancrete manufactured and erected just over 11,200 square feet of hollowcore plank to ensure this facility will last a lifetime. Spancrete hollowcore plank allows High-load bearing capacity and overall lower maintenance costs compared to other building materials.  By utilizing this building method, the Cedarburg Public Works Facility automatically creates a safer environment for those performing daily duties and tasks.

Nearly 41,000 square feet of Spancrete insulated wall panels were required to give this building a structural sound and architectural design. Assembled off site in a quality-controlled environment, Spancrete wall panels come complete with a composite architectural finish. This finish, which is thermally efficient, provides a thick layer of thermal insulation and a complete fire resistance.

Our Precast Promise

Spancrete’s precast building materials are the key to building a facility that will provide minimal maintenance upkeep, safety, and most of all, a space where everyone can feel safe while executing daily duties and tasks. A precast work of art now provides a home in Cedarburg for the DPW and provides safety, efficiency and durability for generations to come.

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  • Wall panels were assembled with a composite architectural finish

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