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 Milwaukee, WI Multi-Family Residential

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The developers of the Beerline B apartments were dreamers. They wanted to bring affordable living to a growing area in Milwaukee that was lush with condominiums. They wanted to do this with an exciting development that connected city living and urban culture. The tight riverfront lot provided the perfect setting, but the desire for sustainability required just the right building products. That’s where precast concrete came in.

Both apartment buildings were built with single story precast concrete parking structures as the foundation. These parking structures offer the owners an additional source of revenue, but they also offer so much more from a safety aspect. The parking structure can be used as a safe refuge from tornados, offers excellent fire resistance and provides residents with a safe, protective parking area that shields cars and residents alike from the weather extremes found in southeastern Wisconsin.

The Beerline B apartments are a hybrid with precast concrete forming the lower parking level – topped with wood frame construction and other sustainable products. Precast was an integral component and was original to the design. The apartments offer 121 underground parking spaces for the residents and community.

The architects and engineers designed these apartment buildings with all the right details: recycled materials, low VOC paints, an advanced air sealing package, plenty of natural light and ventilation. When considering these details, it was impossible to look past precast concrete. Its long spans and structural strength are right at home.

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  • The goal was to create a riverfront apartment community that appealed to a younger generation. Precast concrete provided the right foundation for this goal. Providing underground parking for both buildings not only solved a problem created by a tight lot, but also created extra building features to set them apart.
  • Accelerated construction timelines were a key factor in the selection of precast – Spancrete successfully completed Building #1’s precast parking area in 22 days and Building #2 was completed in 9 days.
  • Precast concrete was an important component in allowing Beerline B apartments to qualify as Green Built Home™Certified buildings.

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Architect: Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc.

Engineer: Structural Dimension, Inc.

General Contractor: Northtrack Construction


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