Bayshore Town Center North

Glendale, WI Commercial Industrial

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"Not only were we pleased with the construction timeline thanks to precast, the larger spans were good for the apartments above while minimized columns benefited retail at the ground level."
- John McCarty - Project Executive at Corna/Kokosing

The Bayshore Town Center north parking structure is a four-level, 600,000 square foot structure that accommodates almost 1,000 cars. The structure consists of retail space at the ground level, two parking deck levels, as well as three stories of apartments built atop the parking deck.

The deck is constructed with Spancrete double tees, inverted tee beams, columns, load- and nonload-bearing architectural spandrels, shear walls, light walls, wall panels and Spancrete hollowcore plank.

This project was complete on schedule, without any disruptions to other buildings and construction going up around them. The existing mall even remained open through the construction.

Since the deck also includes retail space on the ground floor and residential structures above, building safety was an added benefit to choosing Spancrete precast for the job. The two-hour fire rating is a great selling feature for prospective retailers, while the durability of precast concrete presents a solid "foundation" upon which to build.

Spancrete Parking Structures Brochure

Spancrete Multi-Family Residential Brochure

Spancrete Commercial and Industrial Brochure


  • Multi Use Building Requirements - retail, parking & residential
  • Parking for almost 1,000 vehicles
  • Rapid construction schedule


General Contractor: Corna/Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.

Architect: Meachem & Apel Architects, Inc.

Engineer of Record: Jezerinac Geers & Associates, Inc.


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