RePlenish - 72nd Street

Milwaukee, WI Commercial Industrial

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RePlenish was installed at the 72nd street sidewalks in Milwaukee, WI. While Milwaukee County chose to use this project for its sidewalks, this is just one of many applications for this diverse product. RePlenish, a precast pervious system, is effective in runoff reduction and filtration, while functioning as a sidewalk, alley, patio, parking lot or other related application. As water flows through RePlenish , it can be collected and reused, filtered before entering a wastewater treatment facility or it can naturally flow into the earth thereby replenishing aquifers. RePlenish has precast durability and off-site manufacturing which makes this an ideal solution for water management., along with no onsite storage necessary during installation and ability to adhere to quick timelines.

The infiltration for the pedestrian grade RePlenish used in this project is 250 inches per hour and has the ability to adjust to any ground fluctuations and withstands freeze and thaw stress put on standard sidewalks. RePlenish is not only great for the environment but also for low maintenance making it an ideal choice for communities and counties.



  • 250 inches per hour
  • withstands freeze and thaw stress

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