RePlenish - 6th Street

RePlenish - 6th Street

Milwaukee, WI Commercial Industrial

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6th Street parking lot became an urban Farmer’s market in 2013. This project is both an urban garden and gathering location for the community as well as a parking lot where merchants sell the fruits of their labors. The parking lot is more efficient since the rain water is collected and re-used on the urban garden. A storage container is located underneath the RePlenish and collects the rain runoff. The garden then uses the water from the underground container to water plants and other landscape surrounding the parking lot. Another unique use for the water from the underground tank is its use as a water source for the water fountain/feature designed into the landscape. RePlenish was the ideal solution to make these designs come to life.

RePlenish features exceptional permeability and filtration, as water passes through the RePlenish, it recharges the water and aquifiers; while preventing harmful impurities from entering area sewer and drainage systems.

Green technology is at the top of mind when using RePlenish, these are just a few of the endless options and possibilities that RePlenish can provide to you and your vision.



  • Permeability and Filtration
  • Recycling of Rain Water

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General Contractor: Energy Exchange Inc.


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