Architectural Imagine the Possibilities.

Your Imagination. Spancrete Expertise.

When it comes to Spancrete architectural precast solutions, the options are endless. Our precast architectural design team works with you to create precast details that not only offer the level of protection and durability you need, but also match your vision for your building’s exterior.

Whether you need to match an existing building, mimic the look of traditional brick or stone, or develop a signature look through sandblasting, acid etching or other unique treatments, we have the experience and drive to create the panel that is right for you. This is achieved by using:

Architectural precast solutions bring more than beauty to your project; they provide unrivaled strength — protecting your structure from weather extremes, fire and insect infestation. It also provides cost-savings over more expensive building materials and construction techniques — without sacrificing quality, durability or design capabilities.

Architectural Facades

Precast concrete can be veneered with other traditional building materials such as brick, granite, limestone, terra cotta, tile and more to provide the perfect finish for a project.

With Spancrete's diverse selection of decorative finishes, textures and colors, the sky's the limit.

Different facades can be combined, even on the same panel, without requiring multiple trades or additional detailing for movement and waterproofing. All Spancrete exterior finishes require minimal maintenance and are highly resistant to pest, fire and Mother Nature.

Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete technology used by Spancrete transfers patterns and colors onto precast slabs, leaving behind a customized piece of art that is 100% concrete, durable and maintenance-free. It is a cost-effective way to add additional design elements to any project.

Stock design patterns are available, but custom designs and images are possible as well.