Team Spancrete : Project Precast 2019


Team Spancrete : Project Precast 2019

Twenty-seven hours, three students, one mentor, one project. That was the premise of a new component of the 2019 PCI Convention. Project Precast paired five teams of aspiring architecture, engineering and construction management students from across the country with a mentor from a PCI-certified precaster in a design challenge with the opportunity to win $3,000. The intense competition challenged students to apply their knowledge of precast, tap into the vast knowledge base found at the convention and bring their individual skillsets to design a precast structure.

Team Spancrete was mentored by our business development manager, Clinton Krell. With the convention based in Louisville, the team decided to reinvent the traditional horse barn structure using precast. From the exterior you would not be able to tell the barn was made of concrete. The team used barn red colored concrete and wood-look formliners to cast a wood texture into the exterior surface of the precast. It was a lot to accomplish in 27 hours!

“Time was a certainly a challenge,” shared Krell. “We divided the tasks into manageable pieces and assigned the appropriate amount of time to each task. Since the students had a great base knowledge of precast, I was able to educate them in the more practical aspects of designing with precast concrete.”

Each student on the team served in a role mirroring a true design team. Lexi (Washington University – St. Louis) was the architect, Ali (Idaho State University) the engineer and Rachel (Washington University – St. Louis) served as the construction manager.

“Each student was exceptionally bright, motivated and worked together as a team,” added Krell.

While the team didn’t take home the grand prize, it was an inspiring week watching the students learn and apply their creativity using precast. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before precast barns are popping up across the country!