From Mill to Single Family Home


From Mill to Single Family Home

Spancrete is excited to announce another new application for our innovation Ribslab Flooring System. This system offers lightweight, durable, strong flooring systems for single family and multi-family structures. RibSlab Flooring System offers a slim floor depth; thus reducing foundation and project costs, while also providing placement options for a variety of mechanicals. The reduced floor thickness allows for more levels within the same building height. The system also provides excellent sound attenuation and fire and pest resistance properties and is compatible with other traditional building materials. This proven technology is engineered with your bottom line in mind.

Check out installation of the RibSlab Flooring System at our restoration project in Delafield, WI.

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RibSlab Flooring System is ideal for; Single Family Residence~ Healthcare Facilities ~ Multi-Use Residential ~ Office Buildings ~ Dormitories ~ Assisted Living Facilities