Water Tower Medical Commons

Water Tower Medical Commons

Milwaukee, WI  Parking

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"Spancrete was a tremendous help redesigning the structure to appeal to the neighborhood. Changing to a structural wall panel system reduced the cost impact of the design changes and created a very attractive finished product. "
- Kory Krieser, Project Manager, CG Schmidt-Barton Malow, A Joint Venture

Water Tower Medical Commons

Overlooking Lake Michigan, the Water Tower Medical Commons is part of Columbia St. Mary's 40,000 square foot Cancer Center. With this addition, a substantial parking structure was required to support the hospital and medical center traffic but also those of the local residents. The over 200,000 square foot parking structure needed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. The entire structure was redesigned after input from the local residents on the east and west side of the structure. The final structure has created harmony between the needs of the hospital and the local residents. The west and south entrances feature an eye-pleasing canopy constructed almost entirely of precast concrete. In addition, the east elevation, which overlooks the lake, features false windows with frosted glass to intentionally mirror the appearance of nearby buildings.


  • Functional and aesthetically pleasing
  • Over 200,000 square foot parking structure


General Contractor: CG Schmidt-Barton Malow, A Joint Venture

Engineer of Record: Walker Parking Consultants

Precaster: Spancrete


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