Toyota Automotive Dealership

Toyota Automotive Dealership

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Toyota Automotive Dealership

Two Wisconsin-based Toyota automotive dealerships are finished with an extensive construction project that completely overhauled the sales and service portion of each facility. Although distinct in location, ownership and construction teams, both projects included the use of Spancrete precast products to complete the transformation. Thanks to a meticulously designed and well-executed phased approach, each facility remained "open for business" throughout construction.

Smart Motors, Inc.

Located in Madison, WI, Smart Motors, Inc. started construction in September 2006. Early stages of the project included demolishing three existing buildings and consolidating operations during construction. As the project concluded in May 2008, Smart Motors boasted a new 100,000 sq. ft. sales and service facility. Spancrete Brand Wall Panels provided added durability and easy interior maintenance, while featuring a sandblast exterior finish that matched other aspects of the facility.

Le Mieux & Son Toyota

In need of an exterior that matched Toyota's corporate image, Le Mieux & Son Toyota, Green Bay, WI, selected Spancrete Brand Wall Panels with a white cement, white dye sandblasted exterior finish. Spancrete precast was chosen for the project because of its architectural and structural functionality. The durable and low-maintenance exteriors sealed the decision. Because the business remained operational throughout construction, the use of precast also kept site disturbance to a minimum and required nominal staging throughout the construction process.


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