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"I would recommend precast walls to anyone interested in building a dealership. And I would recommend Spancrete to anyone considering precast. "
- Leo Johnson, Johnson Tractor

Johnson Tractor

Johnson Tractor was looking to make a statement when they chose precast concrete wall panels for their Janesville, WI dealership. Precast gave the business the look of something strong and permanent with the underlying message that Johnson Tractor would be serving its customers for the long haul.

Spancrete was proud to partner with the Johnson Tractor team on the design and construction of their Janesville dealership. Just as Johnson Tractor caters to a wide variety of customers – from farmers seeking large equipment to homeowners looking for lawn mowers, chain saws and more, Spancrete Brand precast products can be customized to deliver the style and performance requirements of any given project.

When the Janesville location was purchased in the mid 1980’s, Johnson Tractor only had one location. Today their family owned dealerships can be found in Juda, WI and Amboy and Rochelle, IL as well. Growing businesses require a growing workforce, so it’s no surprise that one of the driving factors behind the changes made in Janesville was the need for more office space.

The service center was the first part of the new building to be erected. Soaring precast wall panels were topped by ribbed steel to create a ceiling height that could accommodate lifts and provide plenty of space to work on large farm machinery. So alluring was this new space that the mechanics found themselves sharing it with the rest of the dealership. Administrative, sales, and parts employees worked out of the back portion of the building for about six months while the front portion was built.

Proper planning was key to the success of Johnson Tractor’s expansion. Building in phases allowed for minimal business disruption, while building with precast provided the ability to build in a condensed time frame. With the front portion of the new building commanding attention from the highway, precast’s underlying message of strength and staying power comes through loud and clear.


  • Insulated precast concrete walls keep the service department cool in the summer and warm in the winter. In fact, heating bills for the Janesville service department are the lowest per square foot of any of the Johnson Tractor dealerships.


General Contractor: Johnson Tractor

Engineer: Farris, Hansen and Associates

Architect: Farris, Hansen and Associates


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