Precast Production

Precast Production Perfecting Hollowcore.

Hollowcore. Building Success

Construction teams are exceeding their building goals with time to spare using Spancrete Hollowcore floor and wall panels. These high quality, innovative products, combined with our plant staffing and expertise, create a chain of success for all who are part of the process.

That’s why millions of meters of Spancrete Hollowcore are produced and helping to build our world each year.

With the world’s largest span — up to 20m/65ft — Spancrete Hollowcore has incredible benefits that give builders the advantage including:

  • Fast, safe erection with minimal crews
  • Install in excess of 1000m2/10,000ft2 per day
  • Year-round construction in any weather condition
  • A secure deck that allows other trades to begin working, once slabs are in place
  • The option to lift and install slabs directly from delivery vehicles
  • The ability to directly carpet or tile each slab’s surface with minimal preparation
  • Horizontal or vertical hollowcore wall capabilities
  • Greatly reduced sound transmission for a quieter environment
  • A safer product with a fire rating up to 4 hours
  • Significant energy savings with insulated wall panels

To further increase profitability from hollowcore, Spancrete manufactures the only system capable of producing additional slabs on top of the initial slab (stack casting). Stack casting multiple layers results in flexible production scheduling, more capacity and better use of available plant space.

Hollowcore. Building Success.

When your're in construction, you're always trying to reach the ultimate goal - complete a building in the least amount of time possible, at the most economical cost, without sacrificing the quality of the product or the integrity of the structure.

Increased Profitability.

Spancrete is the only provided that can delivering complete plant infrastructure that is based upon our own personal expertise in operating and building structures in the United States for over 70 years. This complete solution includes all the equipment and tools needed to operate a full service precast operation.