Equipment Decades of Innovation.

Building the World Together.

For more than 70 years, Spancrete has been perfecting and refining the hollowcore process and products. As a leading provider of precast concrete infrastructure, systems, production procedures and services, the Spancrete system has stood the test of time.

Profitability at global Spancrete plants is a top priority. To safeguard your investment, we offer complete plant solutions, such as site selection, plant design, and full precast equipment production packages.

Spancrete's turnkey solutions ease the process of our global partners. Factors such as local zoning codes, plant layout, adequate supply of necessary raw materials, market demand, incoming and outgoing shippping routes, and future company growth all need to be considered when building a plant.

Spancrete offers equipment and accessories to licensees worldwide. Through these licensees, Spancrete hollowcore products are produced for buildings around the world. Spancrete is manufactured from coast to coast in the United States and in Japan, Egypt, Korea, China, Turkey, Mexico, Trinidad, UAE and Russia, just to name a few.

Spancrete Equipment systems are unmatched in the industry - one machine produces multiple products and allows for stack casting.

  • Spancrete precast equipment systems offer the industry‚Äôs highest production level. Our equipment can produce at a a rate of 3.5m/11.5ft per minute, resulting in 1,400m2 /14,000ft2 of prestressed, precast hollowcore concrete per eight hour shift. Not only does this keep pace with customer demand, but it also minimizes per unit labor costs.
  • Productivity is further enhanced by rapid accessory changeovers which permit the Spancrete machine to be converted from one size of slab to another in under an hour.
  • Most accurate tolerances: The hydraulic tamping and troweling mechanisms result in smooth, flat surfaces, which can be carpeted or tiled directly with minimal preparation. Unmatched dimensional specifications are within 1.5mm/.063in - the tightest standards in the industry.
  • When it comes to life cycle equipment and maintenance costs, Spancrete precast equipment systems have proven to have the lowest in the industry for 70 years. The Spancrete machine's smooth hydraulic tamping and oscillating slipforming system minimizes machine wear and reduces downtime.