Spancrete Testing MMSD Wastewater Overflow Solution

Spancrete Testing MMSD Wastewater Overflow Solution

Spancrete® announced Wednesday that it is currently testing a new solution to help manage stormwater runoff.

Large rainstorms cause the city’s storm drains to fill with rainwater and tax the ability for water treatment facilities to process the excess waste. While the Milwaukee Deep Tunnel system was designed to retain excess wastewater, heavy rains can introduce more water to the system than it is designed to handle.

The new patent-pending Spancrete® system is currently being tested at the Garden District Neighborhood Association Farmers Market located on the corner of Howard Avenue and Sixth Street in Milwaukee. The test project is being unveiled during a seminar at the Energy Exchange offices in Milwaukee, Wednesday morning.

In addition to potentially alleviating Milwaukee’s wastewater overflow problems, the patent-pending Spancrete® system will have the ability to reduce construction timeframes and lessen the need for repairs. Since the sections are precasted, on-site cure time is eliminated, thus allowing construction crews to simply set the sections into place. Also, as the sections are produced in a controlled environment, quality issues that generally accompany field-casted pervious concrete are eradicated.

Dan Willems, Spancrete® vice president of precast operations, says, “We are looking forward to the results of the Spancrete® tests. If this system performs like we believe it will, this precast pervious concrete system will have endless applications. This truly is building innovation.”