Spancrete Brings Precast Building Solutions to India Market

Spancrete Brings Precast Building Solutions to India Market

Hosts Press Conference, Plant Tour at Concrete Show India

Spancrete, one of the leading manufacturers of precast building solutions in North America has recently entered the India market. In a partnership with SP Precast Solutions India Private Ltd and MAAD Building Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Group, Spancrete has supplied the first Spancrete Production System in India.

The MAAD Building Innovations Pvt. Ltd. plant in India features the Spancrete GT-120 precast production system. 

The new plant provides Spancrete Brand Hollowcore slabs and other precast elements to residential, commercial and industrial development projects for the MAAD Group’s Realty Development department as well as other companies. The plant is owned and operated through a joint venture company established between MAAD Building Innovations Pvt. Ltd. (MBIPL) Group and SP Precast Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

The MBIPL factory has incorporated the Spancrete GT-120 production system, featuring six (6) casting lines, 200m each, ensuring high volume and the efficient output of Hollowcore 1.2m wide slabs and wall panels in thickness ranging from 10cm to 40cm. Additional precast construction forms were provided by Spancrete to deliver a total structural solution to the India market.

The GT-120 machine system is capable of operating outdoors and is self-feeding, requiring no additional automated material delivery systems and other costly infrastructure. The plant is designed to be mobile, allowing the owners the flexibility to move the entire operation when required. Unique to the MBIPL plant is the minimal infrastructure required to achieve high volume production (250,000+ m2 per year capacity).

Kirit Patel, Managing Director of SP and Director of MBIPL, says he’s excited to partner with Spancrete. “Their decades of practical precast experience and simplicity of their production systems gives us a significant advantage in terms of startup and long term operational costs,” he said.

To assist Indian customers, Spancrete transfers knowledge from its USA operations, including engineering, estimating, plant operation, quality control, transport and installation capabilities. Spancrete has teamed with Precision Precast Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (PPS) to provide support related to ensuring precast design compliance with local Indian building codes. M/s SP Precast Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Terrence Dittrich, Global Sales Director at Spancrete, expressed his confidence in Spancrete’s products and engineering services. “We believe we bring a reliable, durable and cost-effective precast production system to India that will serve it well over the long term.”

Spancrete announced the expansion into the India market at the Concrete Show India, shuttling show attendees to the new precast plant for a tour.