Petri s visit is vital to Spancrete personnel

Petri s visit is vital to Spancrete personnel

Alan Antoniewicz, president and CEO of Spancrete, said he hopes to be able to call some employees back to work as the construction season ramps up.

"We've got some great talent, very dedicated people who work in this area," Antoniewicz said Friday after providing a tour of the Valders precast concrete facility to U.S. Rep. Tom Petri, R-Fond du Lac, and consultants for the state Department of Transportation.

Spancrete is in the process of moving its bridge girder production work currently done in Green Bay to the Valders facility, which has about 160 employees.

"This is our flagship. This is our highest-technology facility," Antoniewicz said.

Petri said he thinks it's important to visit local manufacturing facilities and learn about the work that is done locally.
"I'm always learning something. It's amazing the range of technologies and the jobs people do these days," he said. "Here they're working with pre-stressed concrete. I had never quite realized how that differed from regular concrete until you see the way they use (other materials) to strengthen it."
Antoniewicz says creating connections with government officials early is important for long-term success.
"The key is to get a collaborative effort upfront," he said. "Having Congressman Petri's voice in Washington is important because that's our livelihood here."
The federal government currently has initiative in place called "Every day Counts," which aims to find innovative ways to shorten road construction projects, enhance roadway safety and protect the environment.
"Precast concrete is ideal for helping promote that because the main thing about precast concrete is the quality of the product and speed of production," he said. "When you look at a collaboration between the precasters, federal government and the state DOT, it's a tremendous way to work. And it yields better product and a more cost-effective product in the market."
Sarah Kloepping